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CMI owner Kim A. Limkeman had worked as a lecturer at WIU for nearly seven years until December 1987, when he left WIU and worked for about one and half years at the Educational Service Center in Macomb. Over the next several months, the concept for CMI was developed and refined, then on June 28, 1990, Limkeman started CMI at the Business and Technology Center in Macomb. In March 2000, CMI left the Business and Technology Center facility and moved to 527 East Grant Street, Macomb.

CMI focuses on five main areas: computer and network support/installation, consultation, training, custom software development, and general computer service. "They have been the mainstay of our company," says Limkeman. As technology has advanced and matured the problem solving techniques and tools may have changed, but CMI continues to focus on those main areas today. Troubleshooting is a large part of this business and takes place on a variety of levels from systems to infrastructure, including copper cabling systems, fiber optics, and Internet connectivity.

CMI's customer base includes financial institutions, local/county/state government, education institutions, physicians, lawyers, tax preparers, accountants, law enforcement, construction firms, and insurance businesses.

"When I started the business we had the naysayers who questioned where we were going to get our customer base as they were thinking of larger businesses such as IBM who provide these services," Limkeman explains. "I looked at smaller businesses like myself that might have between one and half a dozen employees. That's what I began to focus on and have since expanded and have done work for Fortune 500 companies but still am centered on small businesses."

Over the years, CMI has had a very stable customer base which is attributed to customer satisfaction and the excellent service provided by CMI's employees to its customers. Limkeman also believes his faith has played an important part in the success and safety of the business: "From a personal standpoint, all the people here know my faith plays an important part in this business. We have a moment of prayer before every meeting and are thankful for the blessings that God has given us. We are on the road a lot and do a lot of traveling and I'm happy we've been kept safe as an organization."

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