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Photo of a keyboard with a stethoscope.

When an organization's vital technology is down business may come to a complete halt. CMI can dispatch technicians quickly to get systems up and running as soon as possible. We also work on equipment brought to our office. In either situation our technicians are trained to work with a wide-range of devices including personal devices, notebook computers, desktop computers, multi-processor servers, virtual servers, routers, switches, wireless equipment, and telecommunications devices.

In addition to our on-site and in-house repair services, CMI also on-site or in-house installation services for new equipment, including detailed configuration if necessary.

Photo of a technician writing notes about his work.

When CMI works on customer equipment we leave no doubts about what was done because our technicians are required to generate detailed written documentation explaining the work performed. We welcome customer questions about the work we have performed and attempt to explain our work so that it is understood by our customer.

Photo of a broken keyboard.

If systems sustain damage beyond repair, CMI can make recommendations for the replacement of the equipment. If the damaged technology is covered by insurance, CMI can prepare a written damage report to be submitted to a client's insurance company for reimbursement under the terms of the insurance policy.

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