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Today's businesses operate in an increasingly hostile environment and handle sensitive information that must be protected both inside the corporate network and on the Internet. Unsolicited bulk email, phishing messages, malware, viruses, worms, Peer-to-Peer file sharing, adware, spyware, chat systems, instant messaging, social networking, and spoofing are constantly bombarding customer systems and threatening customer security. Computer Masters addresses security issues by helping the customer implement and maintain antivirus software, firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, threat detection systems, secure application configurations, Virtual LANS (VLAN), Virtual Private Networks with Encryption (VPN), and policy creation/management/enforcement.

Businesses in the financial services industry are increasingly required to have their systems tested and must be compliant with a variety of regulations such as HIPPI, PCI, GLB, and others. To accommodate this CMI performs Vulnerability Testing, Penetration Testing, and Network and Systems audits utilizing multiple software products from different vendors. We analyze the results of these tests and make recommendations and help implement solutions to problems found.

In the course of normal operation clients have questions about something reported by a security system. CMI analyzes the report to help determine the nature of the reported item and how it should be handled.

We also help clients develop and implement security procedures, policies, and risk assessments for network equipment and network access.

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