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When an organization relies on technology it needs that technology to run smoothly, which requires routine maintenance and upkeep. Many questions come to mind when routine system maintenance is performed. Will this maintenance cause downtime? Will there be incompatibilities if after the update? Must the update be performed? These and many other questions can be asked of the professionals at CMI.

Can't remember how to add a user to the network? Will a particular piece of hardware added to the server cause it to crash? What type of cable is needed to connect a computer to the network? CMI can provide answers to any such customer questions. When it comes to technology and system uptime, it is best to involve professionals that work daily with technology and know how it will react.

Larger organizations may already have dedicated technical staff--we work with that staff to augment their knowledge and skills regularly, and we provide additional labor if needed on large projects.

Medium-sized organizations may have one or more staff who perform two or more roles which may include part-time technical work. Many times the day-to-day technology maintenance/implementation is more than that staff member can perform and still fulfill their other required roles. CMI can assist by taking on the more time-consuming or laborious or critical tasks each week leaving the day-to-day help-desk or less time-consuming labor for the staff member.

Small organizations may have no technical staff at all and can count on CMI to meet all of their information technology maintenance needs. CMI is at its core designed to act as an extension to such organizations at a cost far less than what it would take to hire a full-time or part-time employee to do the same.

CMI provides that ongoing support by providing application of upgrades and updates, day-to-day administrative activities, network administration, software and hardware configuration, etc. Our technicians may perform this on site at the customer premise or via convenient remote access over the Internet when possible.

It is never a mystery when it comes to the support provided by CMI. Our technicians fully document their support work and report it to the customer as part of their basic customer accountability. They are prepared to answer any questions clients may have about the support performed.

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